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As Beyoncé once famously asked, "Who runs the world?" We answer... girls! Today there are so many young females taking the initiative to be the change they want to see in the world; Ghandi would be proud. Each seems spurred on by their big hearts. 

Here are four courageous young ladies who absolutely rock! 

Madeleine Lansdown

Age: 10

Where: Australia5-Girls-Who-Rock-ML 

What: Madeleine has raised thousands of dollars for Arthritis Victoria, an organization representing people young and old who suffer from arthritic conditions. Madeleine has raised funds in hopes of helping children with arthritis live normal, happy lives.                                      

Why: Diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis at the age of two, Madeleine has not let her physical pain get in the way of participating in active sports. “I just want people to know that kids get arthritis too." Madeleine said to "Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there." 

Bethany Walker


Age: 9

Where: Arkansas

What: Bethany saw a friend in need jumped into action. She creates and sells handmade bracelets. All the money she earns has gone to to build a salt water pool for her friend Anne Marie. Her bestie has a rare skin disease called Epidermolysis Bullosa.

Why: So why salt water? Anne Marie’s skin disease means she catches infections easily and that can create blisters on her skin. The salt water pool is better for her and lets Bethany and Anne Marie enjoy swimming during the hot Arkansas summers. To get a bracelets, visit the Bracelets by Bethany Facebook page.


Hailey Fort


Age: 9

Where: Washington

What: Hailey has a huge heart for the homeless. So she builds shelters, with the supervision of her mother, of course. The 9-year-old also raises  fresh vegetables and fruits to give to the homeless community in her town.

Why: It all began when her friend Edward lost his job at the local supermarket. Hearing the story springboarded Hailey into helping those in need. "It just doesn’t seem right. I think everyone should have a place to live," Hailey told She is proof Love Wins!


Ashima Shiraishi


Age: 14

Where: New York City

What: Known as one of the most advanced young rock climbers out there, male or female, Ashima has become one of the top names in the realm of climbing.

Why: Since the age of seven, Ashima has been climbing to new heights. When speaking about her success, Ashima told The, “It just shows the way girls can excel in climbing; they are really catching up and it does such a lot to inspire women and girls.”

Alanna Wall


 Age: 14

What: What young girl doesn't get into fun nail polishes? The difference here is Alanna took that passion and created Polished Girlz, an organization that gives manicures to children in hospitals.

Why: Always one to help, Alanna began Polished Girlz as a way to make girls smile even when they are feeling down. “I love nail polish and glitter and I like to help people." Alanna told "I polish the nails of girls with special needs in the hospital to bring excitement to them...I love seeing the girls smile when I'm done."

Want to inspire your young girls to make a difference? In honor of these girls, WF has put together some great rock songs to inspire you and your little girl: Jam To Our Girls Who Rock Playlist

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