iStock-482350669 CroppedThere's a whole lot of myths and ideas surrounding the afro. Beauty writer Lauren Depass debunks the myths and shares her favorite variations on the classic style.

Myth 1: You Should Only Wash Your Hair Once Per Month

There is an ongoing rumour that Afro Caribbean hair needs to soak in its natural oils and to do so, it should be washed rarely, rather than regularly. WRONG. Yes, Afro Caribbean hair is completely different to other hair types but if your hairs dirty, wash it. With the amount of product we put in our hair daily, we need to wash away the build up to encourage and stimulate hair growth. Now don't get me wrong, washing your hair everyday  isn't healthy either. Its about finding that perfect balance for your hair.

Myth 2: Relaxing Is Both Less Expensive And Easier To Maintain 

This is the worst myth of all and I'll tell you why.  When I was younger I had beautiful, long super curly hair (it was literally down to my butt) but when I was a teenager I was told I should relax my hair, it's much easier and 'looks better straight' so off I went to the shop, bought the best relaxer I could with my pocket money and the next thing you know I had straight, damaged short hair. My curls never bounced back and it wasn't until I shaved my entire head of hair, that my curls begun to bounce back. Relaxing your hair is not easier, you have to straighten your hair everyday and buy expensive hair products to try and prevent further heat damage. Trust me, I will never relax my hair again. 

Myth 3: Your Fro Will Never Grow 

As I mentioned before I shaved my entire head of hair in a bid to get my curls back and it worked! Before when my hair was damaged, straight and flat, it never grew. But as soon as I had my fro back, it was unstoppable. Don't get me wrong, it takes time to get a fro like Solange Knowles, but with the right product, care and attention you will get there.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.33.42 PMMy Favourite Afro Hairstyles

So now that I've debunked the myths, here are some of my favorite ways to wear an afro.  

Side Braids 

Ok, this hairstyle may have reached its peak in the early 2000's but I dare say I think it's coming back. Adding edge to any look. If it's good enough for Alicia Keys herself, it's good enough for me. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.33.50 PMShort But Sweet

A lot of those beginning their natural hair journey will have this look, after chopping off all of their damaged hair.

I've sported this look once or twice and I absolutely love it. Not only is it easy to maintain, it's beautiful and it will never go out of fashion. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.33.57 PMPom Poms

This is one of my favourite looks of all time and a style I turn to whenever I'm attending a music festival. Plus it's super easy to do. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.34.06 PMWild & Proud

Wake up, give it a shake and you're ready to go.   


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.34.18 PMMessy Bun

A look you will see me rocking daily. Admittedly, my hair isn't nearly as long as hers (but I wish it was!).

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.34.28 PMScarf & Curls

Any girl with an afro's best friend is a scarf and the brighter the colours, the better. 


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 5.34.37 PMBlonde Fro

I have always been a big fan of blonde fro's and have spent more money than I'd like to admit going from dark to blonde. Just remember to be careful bleaching your hair, there are ways to go lighter with minimal damage, you just have to research. 



Lauren Depass is an aspiring novelist, freelance writer and blogger at A Yorkshire Soul. The topics you will most likely find her writing about are women's lifestyle, relationships, beauty and mental health. When she's away from the keyboard she's usually reading, knitting or searching for penguin documentaries.

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