Taking your first vacation with your boyfriend is an exciting turning point in your relationship. If you feel your relationship has reached that point, you may have some questions. Angela Argos, a dating coach in Colorado, says that a vacation together should only be taken after the couple has established that they are monogamous.  

“At this point you’ll be able to trust that the other person cares about you and has probably seen you at your worst and visa versa.”

If this sounds like you and your lover, maybe a first vaca is perfect! A first trip can bring you two closer but you need to know how to have a successful trip!

How Do You Decide If You’re Ready? 

Argos suggests taking a short weekend trip first around the 6th-month mark. If all goes well, consider planning a vacation around the 8th or 10th-month mark. “Usually a first trip together is really like a honeymoon,” she says. “You want to spend all your time with that person and that’s why you decided to go away in the first place.” 

Just remember, this first trip will be the best one because you rediscovered why you fell in love with this person in the first place.

Where Do You Go and Who Pays? 

Argos says that usually couples taking a first vacation have no trouble deciding where to go but if there is a big difference in location preference, he should let her choose the first time and alternate after that.  

“Expenses should be agreed on ahead of time. Don’t be afraid to talk openly about expenses and what you can and can’t afford,” says Argos. “Because if this relationship lasts, you will always be taking about finances.” Meals should be alternated by day.

Top Tips For Your First Trip 

  • It’s your trip AND his trip.  You should be up for his suggestions but he should be open to yours as well. Argos says you should let him see what areas you want to explore, what new foods you’re willing to try and what activities you’re up for.
  • Sometimes travel can be anything but fun. There can be flight delays, flat tires, slow traffic and illness.  These things can test your relationship. “If he laughs off something as important as missing your flight and it puts a smile on your face, he’s a keeper,” she says. 
  • Ask yourself the following two questions: “Does he seem enthusiastic with suggestions that you’ve made and does he seem willing to compromise thus far, in the planning stage?” 
  • Don’t ogle people of the opposite sex while your partner is sitting right there and don’t over plan every day of your trip. Leave some down time for spontaneity.  

angela-ask-expert-vacation-relationship-adviceWhen you return from your trip, how do you keep that romance going when you are back in the same old daily grind? There’s nothing like a great photo to bring back all the vacation memories rushing back and it’s a great idea to give him one for his desk as well as keeping one for you.

Argos says that if you enjoyed the food on your trip, replicate a recipe as well as a fun drink you both had to keep that spark alive!

“Most of all, if your vacation was everything you’d hoped for, start talking about the next one!”

To learn more about Argos and to get more relationship and dating tips, head to www.thecoloradodatingcoach.com.

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