put-a-ring-on-it-research-links-marriage-and-bone-healthLadies, we have yet another reason to take Beyoncé’s advice and have the men in our lives “Put a ring on it.”

A new study conducted at UCLA shows a link between bone mineral density (BMD) and a person’s marital life history. In other words, research now proves what women have known all along: marriage is good for your health. Tell us something we didn’t know. 

6-date-night-ideas-that-hell-love-tooIt’s time to dump the old dinner-and-a-movie date tradition and find new ways to make your date night sparkle.Going to the same date night spots and constantly doing the same things with your significant other can get boring. Whether you’ve been dating for years or you’re looking for a few first date ideas you and your date can experience together, they're sure to enjoy these new and exciting adventures.

Romantic Date Ideas That Will Make Him Smile 

1. Go to His Favorite Artist’s Concert

Events like concerts always bring out the best in people. Laughing, smiling, enjoying life and good music are ways sure to make the night memorable. Save your concert tickets and any paraphernalia for a scrap book so you can always look back and remember the amazing time you both had. 

2. Take a Painting or Pottery Class

Help him get in touch with his creative and artistic side. For a fun idea, draw or paint something you both find attractive about each other like eyes, hands or smile. How fun would this be for an anniversary date night? Who knows, maybe one of you will tap into a hidden talent! Many of these classes also let you bring your beverages and snacks.

3. Amusement Park

Oh, to be a kid again! Go to an amusement park with your date to relive your favorite childhood memories. Don’t be afraid to ride roller coasters, go to the water park, and use this day to pig out on amusement park treats. Be sure to take lots of pictures and even have a romantic kiss on top of the ferris wheel. How sweet! 

4. Film Festival

As the weather is getting warmer, many film organizations host movie viewings outdoors. Wear a cute, comfortable outfit like skinny jeans with a high low top and your most-loved pair of flats. Bring a throw blanket to cover up with and keep the mosquitoes away. 

5. Try Something Adventurous

Take your date to another level for a daring day like jet skiing, parasailing, swimming with dolphins or even sky diving or bungee jumping. An adventurous day out is sure to end with great laughs of the reactions you both have. 

6. Take Him Out to a Ball Game

If your a guy is a sports fanatic, go to a pro basketball, football or baseball game. The energetic fans, music and live action is always so much fun. If you’re a little competitive, place a friendly bet on the game that doesn’t involve money. But, if you're a bit pressed for money, you can always go to rookie games. Most cities have minor league teams where tickets are much cheaper than professional sporting games.

Choose a couple of these cute date night ideas that tailor to his personality and likes. If it’s your first date together, there’s a good chance he’ll ask you out on a second one.

marriage-donts-to-make-marriage-last-headerMarried? Newlywed? On Your 10th Year? Make Sure You're Not Doing These Select Things.

When kids enter the picture, the whole dynamic changes for the good and the bad. But, that's how we get to know each other. Marriage is not for the faint of heart. Those of us that are, know it. Those of us that are divorced know it. And those of us that are divorced and remarried know it. Marriage is about two people loving each other enough to respect their wishes and wants, even if we think it is ridiculous. And in exchange, our partner needs to do the same. It is a reciprocal effort and sometimes not so easy. Based on studies, here is what not to do in a marriage so that you will still love the man to the end.

ask-the-experts-does-romance-change-after-marriage-headerEverybody always thinks that romance after marriage dwindles. So, is that true?

It's the cliché thought: romance after you get married changes; not to mention throwing kids into the bunch too. Sometimes life can get in the way of doing the dirty deed: career, children, and housework. But does romance change after marriage? Are there ways to avoid it and spice up your marriage? We talked to an expert to find out! Neil Cannon, certified therapist and licensed marriage and family therapist, tells the truth about romance after marriage along with some great tips to spice it up every once in awhile. Check out this ask the experts article and surprise your hubby tonight with all that you have learned!