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Photo Credit: VEVO

Many brides can only dream of Maroon 5 and frontman Adam Levine performing at their weddings, but a lucky few in Los Angeles got a surprise visit from the band on their big day!

On December 6, Maroon 5 took wedding crashing to a whole new level by surprising couples at their weddings and performing for them. The band used footage from that day for the music video of their newest single "Sugar." The video is sure to put a smile on your face... and let's be honest, swoon over Levine a little bit more.  

The band allegedly wanted a very romantic backdrop for the new song, and as you can see, the couples are reacting like we would, i.e. ecstatic and super excited. Plus the actual song "Sugar" is pretty catchy! Whole wedding parties were getting down to the song, plus there are some sweet pictures of the couples slow dancing from the evening.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

What do you think of the song? We hope that Maroon 5 does more music videos like this one!

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