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Decorating for a Super Bowl party does not mean you have to settle for store-bought confetti and tablecloths. With just a few basic items and a little creative twist on what you might already have around the house, your guests will be remembering a lot more than the actual game. Check out these super quick and easy DIY Super Bowl decorations!

Football Field Snack Table


Send your guests to the field for some good eats. Instead of having the food set to the side on your average table, dress it up to look like a miniature football field.

All you need:

  • artificial grass (crafting stores)
  • white duct tape
  • yellow bendable straws (optional)


1. Place your section of artificial grass along the table. (How big/long you want the field is up to you.) Use the duct tape to mimic the yard lines along the field. If you are working with a smaller field, feel free to cut the width of the tape in half.

2. If you want to make two goal posts for your field, this is where the straws come in. For each post, you will need 3 straws. Cut the small bendable portion out of 1 of the straws and discard. With the 2 full straws, cut a small slit on the top edge of the straws and slide them on either side of the short piece left over from the first straw. Bend the 2 straws so they make the top of your goal posts. Then, cut a small "X" on the bottom of your connecting post to push in the remaining long piece from the first straw.

3. Set up food and drinks along the field!

Bottle Referees


Transform your refreshments into adorable little referees.

All you need:

  • bottles (beer, soda, water, etc.)
  • black and white striped paper (printed or bought from a craft store)
  • tape or glue
  • plastic whistle (optional)

1. Cut your striped paper the appropriate size to replace the bottle's label. (Be sure the stripes are vertical!) Tape or glue in place.

2. If you want to throw in a little party favor, hang a small plastic whistle around each "neck." These can easily be found in party stores.

Laced Up Popcorn Bags


Serve up some popcorn to your guests in a classic brown bag with the simple addition of laces so they resemble little footballs!

All you need:

  • small brown paper bags
  • white duct tape

1. Cut one longer strip of tape and several smaller strips to match the laces on a football and stick into place on the bag. (Be sure to cut the strips thin.) That's all! 

Referee Photo Backdrop


Make your own photo booth studio in your home so guests can take fun, creative photos and share them on Insta, Snap, and all their other preferred networks. 

All you need:

  • 1 black top sheet
  • 1 white top sheet
  • safety pins
  • curtain rod
  • free-standing board to drape over or something to hang rod up with
  • props (optional)

1. Make 3-4 inch strips out of both black and white sheets. Iron for a cleaner look.

2. Loop about 1 1/2 inches of the top of the strip over the rod and pin it into place. Repeat for all strips, following the black and white pattern.

3. Hang up your backdrop.

4. If you want to provide your guests with props for their photos, try footballs, foam fingers, helmets, or anything fun you have around the house.

Pom-Pom Streamers


Get into the team spirit with this garland décor representing your teams colors.

All you need:

  • tissue paper (2 colors of preferred team)
  • scissors
  • string

1. Fold your tissue paper in half. Cut thin strips up the tissue paper and stop about 1 to 1 1/2 inches from the folded section.

2. Open paper back up. Rotate the paper so that the intact section is vertical in front of you and roll the paper up.

3. Once rolled, twist the center until it gathers, make a loop with the center piece, and run the string through the center. Repeat and add pom-poms to the string to create a colorful streamer-like banner.

These quick and easy decorations are just the beginning. Keep an eye out for any creative little twists you can come up with for the big game.

Photo Credit: Home Made Interest, 36th Avene, Lil' Luna, Hostess With The Mostess, and Pear Tree Greetings

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