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Ah, so the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all you have to worry about is which summer dress and sandal combo to wear today. But although the weather may be hot now, every fashionista knows that fall is right around the corner and that it never hurts to get a head start for the new season. But how to transition from summer beach babe to fall femme fatale? Read on, and we’ll tell you our top tips for preparing your wardrobe for fall!

Layers Layers Layers Layers

9903cae5117f64ff008fa87b23e17ca3 jean jackets denim jacketsWe’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - you simply can’t go wrong when you layer up! In fall the weather can sometimes be unpredictable, moving from warm to cool to rain to shine and back again. The best way to combat this is to be prepared for every outcome, and it’s also a good way to get more use out of your summer clothes. Try layering a light sweater over a summer dress with a jean jacket on top. Invest in a pretty chiffon scarf that will double as a shawl if it does start to pour buckets. Do it right and no matter the weather, every layer will show a fun new side to your outfit!

Let Shoes Lead the Way

It’s not usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about changing up your wardrobe, but the role shoes play in updating a look is invaluable. In fall when it comes to shoes it’s all about balance - wear your sandals with a pair of stylishly ripped jeans and a bomber. Or hop on one of the hottest new trends of the season and go bare legged with a cute pair of cut out ankle boots.

Change Up Your Palette

When the sun is shining, bright colors are the only way to go - vibrant shades like yellow and orange positively glow! However, when the days begin to get more overcast, colors like this can wash you out, or simply look sad under gray skies. Try going with some darker shades this fall, such as soft greys and rich navies paired with subtle injections of color. Pastels and jewel tones will keep your look from becoming dreary while hitting all the right notes for fall.

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In summer it’s all about the lightest fabrics you can find - cotton, chiffon, linen etc. However, when fall comes it brings the option to introduce some richer fabrics into your look. Try some unexpected combinations such as cotton with velvet, or mesh with leather to give your outfit an edge. Chunky wool knit sweaters or jean jackets over gentle summer fabrics are another great way to bring your current wardrobe into the next season with style.


Last but not least, moving into a new season is always a new opportunity to experiment with your look. Always wanted to try out a pair of culottes? Go for it! Thinking about finally buying those wicked over-the-knee boots you’ve been eyeing up? Now’s the time! Don’t be afraid to try something new this fall and you might find you’re entering into the new season with a bang!

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Katy Finnegan is an Irish transplant to Chicago where she is currently pursuing a career in film and advertising. In her spare time she writes fiction and poetry, and can usually be found scribbling in her notebook in various coffee shops, park benches, and dive bars around the city.

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