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handsome-gorilla-headerPhoto Credit: CNN

Today in weird animal news: people in Japan are absolutely freaking out about a surprisingly handsome gorilla. Yes, you read that correctly, people are flocking to Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Toyko to get a glimpse at a gorilla they've deemed as exceptionally hunky. 

The obsession with the gorilla, who's name is Shabani, started on Twitter (of course) when users starting sharing pictures of the ape. 

According to zoo officials, Shabani's exhibit is constantly surrounded by his adoring fans who shout at the primate to look their way. However Shabani is a married man, twice over. He has two wives, Ai and Nene and two children Kiyomasi and Annie.

handsome-gorilla-2Photo Credit: CNN 

Thankfully international fame hasn't gone to Shabani's head. Takayushi Ishikawa, a zoo spokesperson, said "He seems to have noticed his new popularity, but he's kept it very cool."

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