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There were 12 rooms in all, and as one might suspect, it was the last room that concealed the building’s greatest treasure. She was serene, an unperturbed puddle in the torrid storm surrounding her. As I walked into the room, my eyes were drawn to hers and I found in them one truth. This was destiny. I left the shelter with Elsa that day, and our lives were never quite the same.


She was shy. Her tail never seemed to move from its position between her two trembling legs. This pooch had seen tough times and she was not prepared to love again. Perhaps she had never loved. The shelter said she was a mother before she was spayed, a young mother of no more than two years of age. My parents and I found her age incredulous, as she seemed so much younger. A puppy at heart, she was remarkably well-behaved right from the start. She was an anomaly.

But who was this wondrous white wolf who so quickly wormed her way into our hearts? She was affectionate despite her prudence, and vivacious in spite of her composure. But convalescence so often conceals the particulars that define our character, and only after easing Elsa's ails were we able to discover the unique character we’ve come to know and love.


Our Wild Pursuit of Elsa

Man or mutt, the surest way to the heart is through the stomach. As with any transition, Elsa's homecoming was not without its tribulations. The extreme stress of a new life had led to a persistently upset stomach that our veterinarian dubbed “gastroenteritis”. After weeks of careful care, a premium food formula paved our way to a new life with a healthier, happier Elsa.

Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit provided a healthy food she could enjoy. With a regular diet and continual care, she soon opened up to us. After a few months, her tail had left its dwelling place and was now regularly wagging. Today, Elsa regularly displays the same love and composure we have come to know, now imbued with a clever curiosity and a habitual happiness in our daily rituals.

Elsa has brought us immense joy, and she continually enchants everyone she meets. She now warmly greets the members of our family each day and has formed lasting friendships with the human and canine residents of our neighborhood. We are glad to know this canine character and feel truly blessed to be able to share her "pawesome" personality.


You can catch more of Elsa's charismatic character and share your own pet's magnificent persona on the Natural Balance® Natural Characters website, where Elsa is pictured alongside other personable pets. If you would like to share your pet with the world, you can upload your pup to the Natural Characters website and share their unique personality with the world!

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